Sarah Galambos

Sarah Galambos

Sara Galambos has a burning desire for peace and to help others heal has inspired her to create Soul Stretch by Sarah~a passion project that allows her teach Soul Stretch at The Berman Center, lead retreats to Blue Ridge and Tybee Island, offer a Daily Practice online program, and teach Self awareness/Spiritual connection workshops.

Her Life Coaching program led her to uncover core wounds and recover from the toxic shame she was so tired of lugging around. Becoming a yoga teacher and Intuitive energy healer allowed her to become a master of my energy and emotions rather than being a slave to them.

In her former life, she graduated from Agnes Scott College with a degree in psychology. She has taught grades K-12 off and on for 20 years in Atlanta and has loved almost every minute of it. When she realized she was coaching and practicing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with her kindergartners more than focusing on Common Core Curriculum~ she decided it was time to pursue what she loves most.

Every experience she has had led her to create Soul Stretch by Sarah and to share her passion for personal transformation with whoever will listen! She has got 2 great kids, a supportive husband (and grandbaby twins!!!).

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